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Eye Mask and Face Mask -Sterile Hydrogel Dressing

Eye Mask and Face Mask -Sterile Hydrogel Dressing
Eye Mask and Face Mask -Sterile Hydrogel Dressing
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Hydrogel Dressing
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Eye Mask and Face Mask -Sterile Hydrogel Dressing

HydrogelAid is a modern dressing in the form of a homogenous, transparent, mechanically resistant pad of hydrogel based on a special net of three polymers, including about 90% of water, ca. 3 mm thick. Thanks to this unique structure HydrogelAid dressing has many exceptional properties. HydrogelAid is applied as a cooling and alleviative hydrogel dressing to protect skin following laser ablation, aesthetic medical procedures, plastic surgery and phlebology. It supports the healing of injured tissue as well.

HydrogelAid may be used during non-ablative laser procedures, as an elastic and transparent contact layer which cools and protects the epidermis from thermal injuries, thus improving the quality of the procedure and the patient’s level of comfort. It is useful as a coupling agent for ultrasound applications in cases of breached dermis or open wounds, or when a sterile and transparent hydrogel cushion is necessary to improve visibility of examined tissue.

The dressings are available in the following sizes:



5×9 cm


7×12 cm


10×10 cm


Eye Mask 7×14cm


facial mask 25×25 cm


USG 6×10 cm x 3mm


USG Ø 12cm x 6mm


USG Ø 12cm x 10 mm

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