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Aluminum Foil Eye Patch

Aluminum Foil Eye Patch
Aluminum Foil Eye Patch
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Posted: 2021-3-15

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) that is also known as intense pulsed light, that is a very gentle, good light and heat light source, is a non-single-wavelength laser, while the laser is as a single wavelength visible light with high intensity and high energy. IPL and the different wavelength lasers will absorb dark color or pigment in the skin, plays a bio-stimulating effect on the skin, its light and heat solution principle, widely used in medical and beauty industry, for the treatment of acne, age spots, swatches, improve skin. However, in the application of IPL or laser to the patient''s face, laser have different degrees of damage to eyes, easy to damage the cornea, retina, lens of the eye, resulting in bloodshot eyes, vision loss and even blindness, and the laser on eye damage is cumulative, so the eyes protection is the most important.
Our Aluminum foil laser eye shields plays an effective protection to the patient''s eyes. The principle: the aluminum foil layer in the support layer has a good shielding effect for the IPL or laser, to prevent damage to the eyes; the coating anti-reflective layer covering on the aluminum foil layer has an effect to prevent the specular reflection from aluminum foil layer when hit by the IPL or laser, so as not to hurt the people around the patient; Adhesive layer has an excellent stickiness and biocompatibility, can increase patient comfort during treatment.

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